Cocktail Catering Melbourne

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Melbourne’s #1 fresh cocktail catering service with the largest cocktail collection online in Australia.

All drinks are made fresh to order by our award-winning professional bartenders. Pay per cocktail service and bottomless cocktail catering service to suit your event.

We have not forgotten about non-alcoholic drinker, surely! This option is available for mocktails as well if it’s a college event, a minor’s celebration or simply doesn’t drinks alcohol.

You have the option to purchase additional drinks on the day with prior notice on pay per drinks packages.

What We Offer

Cocktails & Beverage Catering Melbourne

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Menu Variety

With our Cocktail Catering Melbourne service, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive collection of drinks, making us the go-to service with the largest cocktail assortment online in Australia. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic, a sophisticated or a refreshing cocktail/mocktail, our menu has something for everyone.

Ingredient Quality

Only the finest ingredients make it into our cocktails:

  • Premium branded spirits that elevate the taste profile.
  • Fresh fruits and garnishes.
  • Special mixers complement and enhance flavours.
  • We believe in delivering a drink experience that’s both authentic and memorable.

Bartender Expertise

Our bartenders are the pillars of our exceptional service. With vast experience and knowledge in mixology, they craft each cocktail to perfection, ensuring consistent quality, presentation, and taste with every pour.

Event Suitability & Duration

  • Every event is unique and we tailor our services to match:
  • From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations.
  • Hourly service for short events or bottomless cocktail catering for extended parties.
  • Special packages for college events, minors’ celebrations or events where alcohol-free beverages are a preference.


Your event, your rules. We offer personalised mobile bar carts, menus tailored to your event’s theme or preference. Custom cocktail creations on request.The flexibility of adding more drinks on the day with prior notice on pay-per-drinks packages.

Service Areas

While Melbourne is our home, our services extend to all its suburbs and regions in Victoria. If you’re unsure whether we cater to your area, just contact us, and we’ll accommodate you where possible.

Licence & Permits

Our commitment goes beyond great cocktails; we ensure every event adheres to Melbourne and Victoria’s licensing and permit regulations. We can handle all the necessary paperwork, ensuring your event runs smoothly and within legal guidelines

Additional Services

Apart from our signature cocktail services, we provide:

  • Non-alcoholic drink options, ensuring everyone gets a refreshing drink in hand.
  • The option for clients to purchase additional drinks offers flexibility in service.

Customer Reviews

Our clientele’s feedback is a testament to our unmatched service quality. From praises for our bartenders expertise to admiration for our diverse drinks menu, dive into our reviews to glimpse the Cocktail Catering Melbourne experience.