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elegant champagne/cocktail towers

Champagne Towers, Fairy Floss Carts, Mobile Bars for rent, alcohol, mixers, garnishes, ice and other stock available to hire/purchase. Professional staff, specialist glassware to match drinks selection, professional equipment required for the beverage service, a personalised menu and other equipment are available to hire.

This is for those with access to some stock and equipment but requires expert advice to organise the rest required for the bar service. Let’s discuss our mobile bar service options and how it works to fulfil the shortfall. You get to keep what’s left from the stock purchased through us apart from equipment and staff on a hire basis.

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Champagne Towers

Heaven 7 Events brings sophistication and luxury to any grand Melbourne occasion with exquisite Champagne Towers. Perfect for high-end weddings, elite corporate events, or lavish celebrations, these towers are more than just a way to serve champagne; they symbolise elegance. Meticulously assembled with premium glassware, the champagne gracefully flows down the tower, creating a breathtaking spectacle. Heaven 7 Events ensures that each Champagne Tower/Cocktail Tower is a visual feast and a seamless experience, embodying the luxury and finesse its brand is known for

Fairy Floss Carts

Adding a touch of whimsy and delight to Melbourne’s events, Heaven 7 Events offers enchanting Fairy Floss Carts. Ideal for adding a playful element to upscale events or charming family gatherings, these carts serve freshly spun, gourmet fairy floss. The carts are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, aligning with the high standards of luxury and elegance that Heaven 7 Events is renowned for. These Fairy Floss Carts are not just about serving a sweet treat; they’re about creating joyful, unforgettable experiences.

Mobile Bars for Rent

Heaven 7 Events elevates the mobile bar experience in Melbourne with its luxurious Mobile Bars for rent. Catering to a diverse range of events, from sophisticated outdoor weddings to exclusive corporate functions, their mobile bars symbolise elegance and convenience. These bars are fully equipped and staffed by professional bartenders who craft exquisite cocktails. Heaven 7 Events’ Mobile Bars embody the perfect blend of style, functionality, and exceptional service, ensuring that every event they cater to is memorable and seamlessly executed.