Terms & Conditions

Acknowledgement of this agreement

Heavenseven terms and conditions available on the website www.heaven7.com.au and booking a service with heavenseven shall be deemed to be an acknowledgement and acceptance of heavenseven terms and conditions set out in this agreement.

deposits and payments

A booking will only be confirmed when heavenseven receive a 50% deposit of the total cost of the event and a completed valid booking form. the date will be available for other clients until then. The client can make the payment by eft, cash or card (surcharge may apply) to secure the date on first come first serve basis. the balance payment must be paid at least 14 days prior to the event and no changes can be made within 10 days of the event.

Quote will be based on the details provided in the original booking form and subject to change with any modification.

No additional charges will apply on date changes if victorian government restrictions are in place due to a pandemic or natural disaster that directly affects the event location. in such unprecedented circumstances that result in the event being cancelled, a refund will be made available to the client unless agreed to reschedule. the booking deposit is not refundable at all other times.


Any damaged, broken or lost heavenseven property, the client must immediately notify heavenseven of the incident unless the incident was occurred by heavenseven staff. Notification will not absolve the client from its obligations under these terms. In such incident, the client must immediately stop using the heavenseven property and take all steps necessary to prevent injuries from occurring to any person or other property as well as sustaining any further damage to heavenseven property as a result of its condition. The client must not repair or attempt to repair heavenseven property without prior written consent from heavenseven. Breach of any of these terms by the client, the client shall without limitation be liable for the following:

– Charges for the property until it’s repaired or replaced
– Any costs incurred by heavenseven in repairing or replacing the property
– Any costs whatsoever incurred or loss suffered by heavenseven as a result of the

The client agrees to pay any expenses incurred or loss suffered by heavenseven as a result of the client’s breach of its obligations under these terms (including legal costs on a solicitor- client basis), as well as all costs and expenses incurred by heavenseven, its legal advisers, mercantile agents, and others in connection with any action taken or contemplated against the client, whether for debt, possession of any equipment, or otherwise.

Charges for loss, damage, repairs, or other expenses must be paid within seven days of the date of the applicable invoice.

release and indemnity

The client hereby releases heavenseven from, and agrees to indemnify the owner in respect of any third party claims, action, suits, demands, costs and expenses for damage or injury to person or property arising directly or indirectly out of the service or use of the heavenseven property by the client or these terms.


Heavenseven will not be liable to the client for any liability or claim of any kind arising directly or indirectly (whether under statute, tort, negligence, contract or otherwise) in relation to any indirect or consequential loss (including but not limited to any loss of actual or anticipated revenue, production, profits, savings, business, access to markets, goodwill, opportunity, reputation, publicity, or use) or any remote, abnormal or unforeseeable loss or any similar loss whether or not in the reasonable contemplation of the parties.

Despite all precautions, heavenseven takes no liability for any damage incurred during the setup, service or packing up of services and equipment. heavenseven will not be held liable for any damage to the clients floors, doors, counter tops or other property fittings. Heavenseven will use the clients premises and property at the discretion and responsibility of the client. the client is responsible for taking any required precautions to safeguard their premises and property from heavenseven services, which may include, but are not limited to, syrups, citruses, alcohol, juices, equipment and water.

Heavenseven liability for any liability or claim in relation to these terms, any heavenseven property hire, any contract, any service or the supply of beverages, (whether under statute, contract, tort, negligence or otherwise) will be limited to the total amount paid (exclusive of gst) under the contract(s) that gave rise to such liability.

If the event is closed down early for any reason, the client is still liable to heavenseven for the minimum spend.

disclosure of information

It is the responsibility of the client to disclose all relevant information and keep heavenseven informed and updated of any changes to the event including event date, times, location, number of guests, minors, drinks choices, run sheets, access to the premises and anything else that may be vital.

If guests are paying to attend the event, the client must notify heavenseven during the booking process. heavenseven reserves the right to charge the client an additional fee per guest per hour or to limit services available for guests if discovers the event to be a ticketed event.

If the client causes us to contravene or breach any of the terms of our licence, any other laws and regulations, the client must indemnify us for any fines, damages, penalties, loss of income and costs we incur including economic loss or damage related to any loss of our licences, breach of other laws and regulations.

security and safety

The client is responsible for the security and safety of the event premises, safety of all persons including Heavenseven staff on the event premises, delivery of equipment by Heavenseven staff to the premises and arranging security guards for the event as required.

Heavenseven staff may cease beverage service if at any time the environment is deemed unsafe including but not limited to quarrelsome, possibility of theft, violence or threatening behaviour to Heavenseven staff, safety of Heavenseven stock and equipment. in such situations, Heavenseven staff reserve the right to take all stock, equipment and leave the event at any time and no refund will be issued.

Resposible service of alcohol

Heavenseven reserves the right to refuse service to a person who is intoxicated, a person who may attempt to drive a vehicle or a person who does not comply when requested a valid proof of age in the form of a drivers licence or a passport. in accordance with the victorian law, it is illegal to serve alcohol to a person who is under the legal drinking age of 18 and Heavenseven is committed to the responsible service of alcohol. shots and shooters will not be available with our packages unless agreed during the booking process.

Changes and cancellations

Heavenseven will use reasonable efforts to attempt to change the date subject to availability if more than 15 days notice provided by the client and a date change fee will apply. any date changes within 14 days to 11 days of the event, the client will be charged any costs incurred along with a date change fee. any date changes with 10 days or less notice of the event date will be treated as a cancellation, no refund will be issued and the remaining balance of the event is due.

If Heavenseven was forced to cancel an event due to an unforeseen circumstance, a full refund will be issued and refer the client to an appropriate service provider or rescheduled with incentives.

If Heavenseven staff is late for the service, Heavenseven staff will approach the client to discuss a preferred option as mentioned below:

– no charge for the time missed (or)

– extend the service accordingly (or)

– offer credit towards a future event

If the client cancel the event with more than 15 days of notice from the event date, the client will only lose the deposit. if the client cancel the event with less than 14 days of notice from the event date, the client will lose the total amount paid and the remaining balance amount of the event is due.

Delivery fees

A fixed delivery fee will apply on all our services to cover travel costs and subject to change if the event address gets changed after we send the quote.

Arriving at the event

The client to arrange a parking bay within the event premises for one vehicle or nearest possible if height is restricted. a fee will apply to cover the cost of parking for the stock vehicle if a parking bay is not provided or not arranged by the client.

Setting up for the event

Heavenseven require at least 45 minutes to setup but it may take up to +2 hours depending on the size of the event. to guarantee a seamless set up, Heavenseven recommend arriving before any guests and strictly no beverage will be available for guests from Heavenseven during setup until service start time. client to ensure there is a clear dedicated space of at least 3m x3m for setup and a tap with sink available nearby to avoid delays during service. all stock, equipment and supplies are to be close at hand for setup when client to supply.

During service

Head counts will be conducted throughout the service on all pay per head packages. number of guests present at the event should be equal to the number that the client provided on the booking form. additional charges will be applied at a higher rate per person and need to be paid immediately if extra guests are present. in such situations, we will not be responsible if stock runs out before the end of service time. otherwise, we have the right to end the service immediately and no refund will be issued.

Additional services

A client may request to extend the service, purchase additional drinks or other services during the event and will need to be paid to the event manager at least an hour before the original service finish time. the client will be charged at an hourly rate for site visits, inductions and additional appointments.

End of service

Heavenseven will switch to disposables for the last 30mins of service on one drink per person basis with empty disposable to be brought back to refill or replace at the bar to avoid wastage and misuse of our services. Heavenseven staff will stop service at the end of scheduled service finish time even if guests are waiting in the queue to be served unless the client has confirmed a service extension with required additional payment at least an hour before the original service finish time.

Security deposit

Heavenseven requires 25% deposit of the total cost of an event/hire or a valid bank card details to be held as a deposit. the client will be contacted if an expense to be paid from the bond. expenses include but not limited to, Heavenseven property breakages, missing Heavenseven property and any other unpaid additional services.

A minimum spend may apply on bar tabs, consumption bar, cash bar, coffee catering, cocktails only and signature cocktails packages. the client maybe asked to pay the minimum spend amount 14 days prior to the event date and a refund will be available if the minimum spend amount is met at the bar during the event. if minimum spend amount is not met at the bar during the event, the client will be liable to Heavenseven for the shortfall and only the difference if any, will be refunded. the client or guests may not bring their own alcohol under these packages as it’s not in line with the liquor licence. if the bar tab amount is not met during the event, no refund will be available or no stock will be left to cover the balance amount.

Intellectual property

Our trade marks, copyright protected works including images, artwork and menus prior to copying, displaying, using, publishing or advertising, the client must obtain our prior permission in writing.